Defective Takata Airbags.

Make a Big Problem:

Find here the complete list of the models that make up the 34 million calls to review for problems in the airbags manufactured by Takata.

technology defectsThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) confirmed that the component manufacturer Takata has agreed to call more than 33 million vehicles in the United States to review, recognizing that the air bags of the cars which they installed are defective and can cause serious injuries.

The biggest automotive recall in history just got messier. A report compiled by the Senate Commerce Committee revealed that at least four automakers (Toyota, Volkswagen, Fiat Chrysler and Mitsubishi) are continuing to sell new cars with defective, and potentially dangerous, airbags.

Here are some New model list ‘recalled’ for 2017:


2001-2007 Honda Accord
2001-2006 Honda Civic
2003 Honda Civic Hybrid
2002 Honda CR-V
2003-2011 Honda Element
2002-2004 Honda Odyssey
2003-2008 Honda Pilot
2006 Honda Ridgeline


2003-2007 Toyota Corolla
2003-2007 Toyota Matrix
2002-2005 Toyota Sequoia
2003-2005 Toyota Tundra

Fiat Chrysler:

2005 ” 2008 Chrysler 300

2007 ” 2008 Chrysler Aspen


11,985 vehicles potentially affected
2004 “2005 Lancer
2006 “2007 Raider

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